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We design and implement energy cost savings programs that save you money from day one.


you've come to the right place for energy savings and energy cost reduction.
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When your local utility company acts as your energy supplier, you receive the Standard Offer Service. It's a punitive rate structure designed to encourage you to shop around. So let us do your shopping for you. We know the marketplace and can quite likely save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on your energy expenses, all at no cost to you.


Price reduction is the low hanging fruit in the world of energy cost reduction, but it is only a start. Potentially much greater savings are to be had from reducing not just the price you pay for your energy, but also the amount you use.

We start with various tools in our arsenal: best-fit “energy improvement options” software, government incentives, and vendor and private financing, to craft a carbon footprint reduction program.  We then turn to members of our trusted partner network to make that plan a reality.